Data Analyst

May 7, 2017 in The Hague Volunteer Vacancies needs reliable data about our user activity and the economy. We’re looking for a Volunteer Data Analyst who:

  • creates monthly statistics of our user activity,
  • is an expert in Open Office Calc (or Excel),
  • and is available to work within our volunteer team on Monday evenings between 20:00 – 22:00 h.

We can offer you a chance to work within a creative environment where you’ll meet many people with a broad mix of backgrounds and interest. Working for will expand your professional and personal network as you’ll work in the center of our community. Our organization is small and you’ll be able to do responsible work that will clearly make a difference for our users and our organization.

Nobody within receives any compensation in euro’s because a sustainable Timebank should be as independent as possible from conventional money. However a payment in Hours in exchange for the time you spend working for can be optional.

To apply for this position you can write an email with your motivation to: