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Timebank News
MARCH 2016

General edition

Mara Wasiuta (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Daylight saving time

Are you an evening person? Congratulations! Your evenings have just become an hour longer. What are you going to do with your extra hour of sunlight? Why not check out to see if you can help someone out? Or maybe, you finally want to get that project completed and need some extra hands. Place an advert today! And if you’re a morning person, don’t worry. is there for you in the morning as well. Plus, you get to see the sun come up. What’s better than that? (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Introduction to

Friday 1st April, 18:30 - 21:30
ISS Den Haag
Kortenaerkade 12,The Hague, Netherlands

Do you want to become rich? Come and learn more about time as currency! Together with ISS Scholas Art Committee is organising an event to introduce our Timebank to students and professionals...

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latest requests

Blender 3d modeling basics
Ronald Huynen / The Hague / Education / 5 Hour / 5 Hour

Référencement site internet
nora.maela / Brussels / Communication /

Washing the TTT van
TTT / The Hague / Handy Work / 1,5 Hour

Aide pour réparer des manches de pull trouées
VirginieR / Brussels / Handy Work / 1 Hour

Arcade / Amsterdam / Handy Work / 2 Hour

Problème de chauffe-eau
ElenaD / Brussels / General Assistance / 0,5 Hour

design our logo, help save the ocean
Zairah / The Hague / Communication / 2 Hour

Montage /editing lessons
lara / Brussels / Art / 2 Hour

Translator Dutch - English
Balanzs Yoga / The Hague / Communication / 1 Hour

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latest offers

Yarella / Amsterdam / Handy Work / 2 Hour

Corrections tous types de textes en Français
Sara Bielakoff / Brussels / Communication / 1 Hour

Dog walking + basic (clicker) training
Binky / The Hague / General Assistance / 1,5 Hour

Dehydrator to use / deshydrateur à utiliser
Sara Bielakoff / Brussels / Food / 1 Hour

Alternative for insurance self employed
Jip CommonEasy / Utrecht / Organisation / 1 Hour

Making stuffs
Caroline / Brussels / Art / 1 Hour

HR Consulting / Career Counseling / Coaching
Fataine / ~ South of the Netherlands / Education / 1 Hour

Portraits (clothed or nude) drawn
David H / Brussels / Art / 1 Hour

samsam / Brussels / General Assistance / 5 Hour

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Introduction to
The Hague: Instutute for Social Studies
Live session – Réunion d’info n°16
Brussels: La Tricoterie
Work session – Réunion de travail n°10
Brussels: La Tricoterie

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