Your time is currency!

Timebank.cc is a Community Currency, accessible to everyone, to share skills and knowledge. Trade services with other Timebankers in exchange for time instead of conventional money. One Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work.


Timebank exchanges are more useful than direct person-to-person trades: the time you first earned by helping Anna, you can later spend for Michael to help you.

Our biggest community of users lives in the region of The Hague (that’s where we started), but we’re also active in Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon.

Why you should join Timebank.cc…


10 minute BREAD


Flickr: Mystuart – on and off (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Every Wednesday Volkskeuken offers sourdough bread for it’s production time of 10 minutes plus a humble 50 cents for the Euro-based ingredients.

Volkskeuken is a new restaurant concept of Lekkernassuh in The Hague.

The 10 minute bread is available on:

Wednesdays between 17:00 – 19:00 h
De Gym / Lekkernassûh
Witte de Withstraat 121
The Hague

You have to reserve a bread until 24 hours in advance.

How do you reserve a 10 minute BREAD?

  1. Log in on Timebank.cc
  2. Go to Bank Account >>New Payment
  3. Fill in VOLKSKEUKEN
  4. Amount: 0,17 Hours ( = 10 minutes ;)
  5. Add in the description the date on which you will pick up the bread.

Volkskeuken The Hague goes Mediterranean Green 04-06-2016

Volkskeuken The Hague goes Mediterranean Green 04-06-2016

Photos: Timebank.cc, Diana Gheorghiu (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Script Writer for Short Video’s

The Volunteer Team of The Hague wants to create short and creative video’s that explain and promote our platform. We’re looking for a video producer who: Writes the script for our short and simple video’s. Is able to translate something complex into a clear story that any-one can understand. Has a creative, catchy style and
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