Your time is currency! is a Community Currency, accessible to everyone, to share skills and knowledge. Trade services with other Timebankers in exchange for time instead of conventional money. One Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work.

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Timebank exchanges are more useful than direct person-to-person trades: the time you first earned by helping Anna, you can later spend for Michael to help you.


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Photo by Diana Gheorghiu

Diana Gheorghiu (Dyaan), our photographer, is making a series about Timebank exchanges. Show your skills and talents to the rest of the Timebank community by informing Diana about your upcoming exchanges. She wants to attend your exchange to make a short photo documentary about it. Her photo's will be published on our website, inside newsletters, or in other media to showcase to the world what is all about. 

If you like to see more of Diana's Gheorghiu work, visit her website at:

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