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Timebank News
MAY 2016

General edition

Ingrid Lee (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Unlike money-fueled job markets, allows users to earn time using various skills and knowledge. No matter how weird or diverse your offers are, there’s a possibility that someone somewhere might need them. In the next few newsletters we will be giving you short tips on how to get employed and start earning hours at Here’s the first one:


This is an obvious one, but few people do it. People like to see a face and personality behind the username. In the top right corner of the Timebank page, hover your mouse over your name and edit your profile. Tell the world a bit about yourself and what skills you can offer. Even if you’re not an expert in them or are unsure how they could be useful to someone, they might prove interesting or helpful to someone. (CC BY-SA 2.0) Projects

Help not-for-profit projects by donating some of your Hours to them. Here are some current Timebank projects:
De Gym
La Tricoterie

latest requests

Paysagiste / plant lover
Julieleb / Brussels / Food / 1 Hour / 1 Hour

Computer Whizz
Bianca Pereira Passaro / The Hague / Communication / 2 Hour

bike reparation d'un vélo
Ju / Brussels / Handy Work / 2 Hour

In dire need of a haircut!
Mondi / The Hague / General Assistance / 1 Hour

Aide pour création affiches avec photoshop cs5
delhaye / Brussels / Art /

FreeCAD basics
Ronald Huynen / The Hague / Education / 5 Hour

monter/fixer une banquette en bois - Heeeelp (^-^)
Talie / Brussels / Handy Work / 2 Hour

Dutch tandem
Jeanne / The Hague / Education / 24 Hour

Collect two wooden panels and drive them to dump
Veronique / Brussels / General Assistance / 1 Hour

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latest offers

constellation work
Ju / Brussels / Communication / 2 Hour

Canal cruises by canoe
Ronald Huynen / The Hague / Transportation / 1,5 Hour

Learn to program
pieter7 / Brussels / Education / 1 Hour

Garden plan for kitchen gardens
Ruilanouk / The Hague / Food / 3 Hour

Foot thai reflexology
zelda / Brussels / Handy Work / 1 Hour

Help Painting
MightyTurtle / The Hague / Handy Work / 3 Hour

Professional Organizer
Ruilanouk / The Hague / General Assistance /

Personal Coach
Ruilanouk / The Hague / General Assistance /

Teacher organic kitchen gardening
Ruilanouk / The Hague / Education /

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Atelier/ Workshop n°3 : Mandalas
Introduction to the practice of mandalas (repetitive circular drawings)
Atelier IMPRO Workshop n°2
An improvisation workshop
Food for time by VOLKSKEUKEN
A restauraunt around a communal table in The Hague

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