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Timebank News

February 2018

The Netherlands Edition


(CC BY-SA 2.0) Ronald Huynen

A milestone:
Weekly veggies for Hours in The Hague!

From 7 February 2018, Hours can be used as a means of payment to buy food at the Lekkernassûh market. A fundamental base value is hereby added to the Timebank currency. Food is something everybody always needs, and now Timebank Hours can be used to buy structurally these essential products. and Lekkernassûh come together to further their vision of a more transparent, sustainable society. The union of these two organisations is underpinned by a shared belief in the central place of community, transparency and sustainability in our society.

Lekkernassûh is a weekly non-profit market offering fruit and vegetables, run collectively by people in their neighborhood. All their produce is organic, and from local farms. All Lekkernassûh members receive an e-mail on Friday with next week’s contents of the package. They can decide till Sunday 20:00 h. whether they would like a package or not by changing their status on the Lekkernassûh website. 

A vegetable packet costs 1,25 H and can be collected every Wednesday from 16:00 h. till 19:00 h. at the Witte de Withstraat 127 in The Hague.



Big Burger Bonanza

We'll explore the best in veggie-burger cuisine, with beetroot, corn and aubergine action. Learn how to mix and make these bun-based bad boys and girls!

Book your place now to avoid fast food failure and take-away tears.

Saturday 3 February

  • Veggie burger workshop: 14:00h
  • Burger and fries fast food joint: 19:00h


(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Wednesday February 7

Buy vegetables and bread with Timebank Hours at the weekly Lekkernassûh market in The Hague. 

  • Lekkernassûh vegetable packet:
    1,25 H and 0,00 Euro
  • 10 minute bread:
    0,17 H and 0,50 Euro

Big Burger Bonanza
Veggie burger workshop & fast food joint.
Lekkernassûh market accepts Hours
Vegetables and bread for Hours at the Lekkernassûh market.

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