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Timebank News

August 2018

Netherlands Edition


(CC) Flickr: Joe de Sousa

Timebanking Travels is launching a new mini series exploring community and complementary currencies around the world. From the Land of the Rising Sun, to the Land of the Big White Cloud, we take a closer look at what systems have taken root and why, and what the future holds for these initiatives.

In this edition of Timebanking Travels, we head to Asia to find out how Japan is embracing complementary currencies in an effort to tackle one of their biggest social challenges.

Japan - Fureai Kippu

Fureai Kippu (‘Ticket for a Caring Relationship’) was launched in the 1990s, as a form of timebanking, specifically to support seniors in the community. As Japan experiences a ‘super-aging’ society, with an estimated third of its population over 60, Fureai Kippu enables older people to remain in their homes thus relieving pressure on hospitals and other care facilities. 

Skills, services and time are exchanged as credits (electronic tickets) and paid to individuals who help older people in any aspect of their care. Just like, the unit of Fureai Kippu is one hour of service, although different services - such as those not covered by the Japanese national healthcare system like bathing, shopping and food prep - have different rates.The ‘caring currency’ can be saved for personal use in the future, or transferred to someone else, such as an elderly family member who lives somewhere else in the country. 

When surveyed, elderly people said they preferred the services of those paid in Fureai Kippu over those paid in the monetary currency of the yen, because of the nature of the reciprocal relationships and focus on community, both of which fundamental to Japanese culture.

Worldwide, increased life expectancy combined with declining birth rates are likely to result in an increase in the dependency ratio, meaning Fureai Kippu could be an idea embraced by other countries in the future.


This Saturday:
Slam 'n' Slices

The summer is sizzling, and so are our pizza slices! Join the crew and Proeftuin Pioniers at our sun-sational pizza party night at Proeftuin Erasmusveld.

Expect a range of tasty wood-fired pizzas, colourful salads, great company and some laidback beats at our new community gettogether. Bring your own drinks, or enjoy free natural tap water at the table.

In between slices we’ll be serving up some Timebank Slam – our regular quick-fire event pitching a range of offers and requests to fellow Timebankers. Whilst we’re waiting for those pizzas to bake, we’ll invite people up for a maximum of 5 minutes, including Q&A each.

Slam 'n' Slices
August 11, 17:00-21:00h
Noordweg 76 Den Haag

Cost: 1 Timebank Hour + 5 Euro

Slam 'n' Slices
Sun-sational pizza night in The Hague

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