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Timebank News
MAY 2017

The Hague edition

Spring has sprung – almost!

So it’s April and the tulips and daffodils are out in force, the leaves are turning green on the trees and it stays lighter for a little longer every day! Spring is a time of rebirth and spring-cleaning, a time to start afresh and look at the world with new eyes.

Here at Timebank, we see it as the perfect time to get started on a project that you’ve been putting off all winter, like sorting out the spare room, giving the basement a thorough cleaning or starting afresh with a snappy new haircut, a new hobby or exercise regime or chucking out all those clothes you know you will never wear and making space for something new and sexy for the summer! These are all great ways to spend your time and Timebank can help with all of them.

Many of us have skills that we take for granted but that might be of real help to others. Perhaps you like DIY or have some latent interior design skills. Do you love organising and tidying so that space is optimised or maybe you have sewing skills which could make a tired outfit into something fun for summer? Who knows? What we know for sure here at Timebank is that every skill is valuable, it’s simply a matter of figuring out what yours is and/or knowing what sorts of skills you are looking for to help you spring clean your life and get the most out of the new season! Above all, we know the value of time, there is genuinely nothing else like it. Time is what allows you to do just about everything else! So take some time this Spring for Timebank, the time you invest will be well worth it.

Asparagus domesticus, Thyrsus Asparagi by Basilius Besler, 1613.

Attention hungry Timebankers,
The sun is out, the air is sweet, flowers are in bloom. It is time to enjoy some fresh flavors! VOLKSKEUKEN proudly announces its newest event: FIRST HARVEST Spring Kitchen!

SATURDAY 13 MAY, 19:00-22:00 hour
1,00 H + € 3 (for ingredients)


latest requests

Premiere tutorial
Tanja Smit / ~ West of the Netherlands / 3,00 Hour

Volkskeuken / The Hague / 6,00 Hour

Camera operator for short info-video
Ferdy van Lotten / The Hague / 5,00 Hour

very creative image editor
Peter Koudstaal / The Hague / 15,00 Hour

help with economics
Tarita Palm / The Hague / 2,00 Hour

Installing floor panels/laminaat
mara wasiuta / The Hague / 6,00 Hour

English lessons
Luis Leonardo / The Hague / 15,00 Hour

latest offers

3D Printing and design
jarnoburger / The Hague / 6,00 Hour

PC Repair
Pavle Sazdov / The Hague / 2,00 Hour

Piano lessons
Sandra Manuela Lanuza Bardají / The Hague / 1,00 Hour

Spanish lessons
Sandra Manuela Lanuza Bardají / The Hague / 1,00 Hour

Canal cruise by canoe
Ronald Huynen / The Hague / 3,00 Hour

Let it Go
debbie blanchfield / The Hague / 4,00 Hour

English homework/research/essay
Tarita Palm / The Hague / 2,00 Hour

Joris van der Werff / ~ West of the Netherlands / 4,00 Hour

Unity Skills
Farid Guzman / The Hague / 5,00 Hour

Place an Advert yourself
Spring kitchen @ de Gym of Lekkernassuh in The Hague

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