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Timebank News

March 2018

Netherlands Edition


Sign up for Timebank's Slam

On Saturday, 7th April 18:00 h, Timebank will host its first slam event. Say what? Yes, a quick-fire event where members of the Timebank community take to the stage and pitch their offers and requests.

This is an opportunity to promote your unique offering as a Timebanker – who else is able to offer a home cooking service, yoga and speech writing while simultaneously highlighting your search for that webcoder, who is going to build the perfect website for your new start-up? All in 2 minutes?

Yes, we want to keep it short and sweet! So we ask each participant to present their offer(s) or request(s) using between 5 and 10 images and they should spend no more than 20 seconds on each image.

Sound like fun?

Drop us a line at to confirm your place on the stage and find your Timebanking match made in heaven!

Timebank Slam - The Hague
Timebankers pitch their Offers and Requests

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