What’s it all about? is a platform for trading skills within a community. Exchanging time instead of conventional money. One hour of work equals one Hour. Every person’s time is equally valued.

Where are users located?

Our biggest community of users lives in the region of The Hague (that’s where we started), but we’re also active in Amsterdam and Brussels. For more information see the contact page to get in touch with local teams. If you feel you want to start a new local group, please get in touch to talk about possibilities – be aware this is a big commitment though!

How do you manage without Euros?

The organization is run by a group of volunteers and people who work in exchange for Hours. Some costs unfortunately can’t be paid with time, like web hosting, printing etc. If you would like to contribute some Euros, or learn how you can volunteer for us, feel free to contact us.

How do you keep track of all the transactions?

After an exchange you should pay using our website. This is how transactions are made. One user’s account is debited and the other’s is credited. We do not have any cash currency.

Is Timebanking new?

No! It’s been around for several decades and exists in over 26 countries. The UK alone has around 250 Timebanks. After the economic crisis, there was a surge in Timebanking in Greece and other countries.

Want to know more about this and similar economic systems? Check out this Wikipedia page on Time-based exchanges.

What software is used for this website?

The public part of the website is made with WordPress with the theme Custom-Community by Themecraft. The event calendar is by Modern Tribe (thanks for being part of their Non-Profits partnership program).
The banking software used by is the open source version of Cyclos 3, developed by STRO.