Project Accounts

23687555209_b8d243c2a8_o can also be used to realise not-for-profit projects. A special Project Account can be used by organisations or by a group of individuals that want to accomplish a specific goal using the help of our community. Timebankers can support these project by donating some Hours to them.

The Hague Projects

Timebank Transport Team
Open Source Tax Guide

Brussels Projects

1000 Bruxelles en Transition
La Tricoterie


Register for a Project Account

Anyone can start a Project. You can represent an existing non-profit organisation, or you can start just start a new initiative only for Timebank.  Just register and choose to set  up a Project Account.

Once you have registered you should find people that want to donate their time to your project. So why not simply ask our community? You can post advertisements on our platform, but if you want we can also create a special Project page for you.

If your organisation is using volunteers, be aware that Timebanking is not volunteer work: people should be paid in Hours for every hour they work for you. We advise you to use Timebank only for those tasks that your volunteers can not help you with.  Contact us for more information, we are happy to answer your questions.