Getting Started


You made a account? Congratulations!

1. The first thing you need to do is earn some Hours

Before you can ask for another Timebanker’s service, you need to earn some Hours by helping someone else. On you cannot go into debt. This ensures that every Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work. Give a brief description about yourself in your profile. Adding a profile photo will make you a human instead of just an account. After this, write two or more advertisements – get involved!

stationsplein2. Write two or more advertisements

Offer something you like to do for others. It is best to write one simple and short offer and another one that  takes more time or represents a special type of skill. This way you are not betting on a single horse. Just as in the Euro economy you have to offer something that others really want. You can promote your new ´advertisement´(offer or skill) by sharing it on your favourite social media platform (click the ‘Share’ buttons). If you want you can even print it on a piece of paper to advertise offline.

3. Check other advertisements – requests

When you log in you can search adverts by keyword, city, date, etc. Find out what kind of services are offered and requested. The request section is especially interesting to get started on, because if you do not have any Hours on your account, you cannot respond to offers yet.

Pizza24. Make your first exchange

To set up your first exchange you can either respond to a request, or offer your own skills and services by placing some advertisements yourself. This is the key for making your first exchanges. Very few exchanges will happen if you do not do this. Once you and another Timebanker have contacted each other, you can start your first Timebank exchange! Make sure you respond quickly to messages and be realistic about the time you have available for the exchange. Be professional and make some arrangements about the end date, quality and total time you are both able to spend on this. Remember: one hour of work is exactly one Hour earned.

5. Receive your earned time on your account

After the exchange, the other Timebanker will transfer you the time you spent on the exchange to your digital bank account. If you are not paid immediately, you can also send an invoice as a reminder.

6. Spend your Hours

Since you now have some Hours on your account you can post a request. Adding images and sharing your request on social media helps to get noticed. If nobody responds to you, you should try searching for users and skills instead of adverts. You can contact users that have ‘Yes. Feel free to contact me!’ in their profile. Of course, you can also search advertisements for interesting offers. It is a good idea to subscribe to our newsletter (inside your profile settings) as we will then update you about all new advertisements by mail.

7. Get to know more Timebankers!

We are not only an online platform, Timebankers regularly organise events, so do not forget to check out our event agenda. Visiting a Timebank event is a great way to get to know other Timebankers.

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