How do I sign up?

Click the Register link and follow the steps. Once you complete your profile, you should receive an email to confirm your registration. If you do not see this email, please contact us. Once your registration is complete you can contact other users, post advertisements and create transactions.

How do I make an Advert?

Firstly, login! Click on ‘Advertise’, then choose either ‘Request’ or ‘Offer’, and fill in the rest of the required information.

How do I pay someone or get paid after an exchange?

To pay another user after an exchange, login to your account, open the Bank Account menu on the left side. Click ‘New payment’. To remind somebody to pay you, you can send an invoice: Log in, open the Bank Account menu on the left side and choose ‘New invoice’.

How do I leave feedback or reply to feedback?

After you’ve paid a user you’ll get an email with an invitation to leave an Exchange Feedback for the service delivered. This feedback is visible on your profile for other registered users to read. If you received an Exchange Feedback you can add a comment to to this feedback. Providing feedback strengthens the reliability of our platform. It creates trust between people who never met before making an exchange. Positive Exchange Feedbacks are also a nice way to thank your exchange partner for all that they did for you.