Do I need to pay to join?

No! Registering is without cost. To start Timebanking you need to earn your first Hours by helping another user before you can spend them on a service.

What kind of services should I offer?

What are you good at? What do you like doing? Those are the best things to offer to others! Remember when you helped some friends out? What did you do? It is best if your advertisements range from simple to advanced. Our community requires and offers services ranging from massages to legal advice, language exchange to event assistance, and moving help to dance lessons.

It’s useful to start by offering shorter exchanges (no longer than a few hours) rather than thinking about long term projects or courses (eg. a weeklong festival or a complete kitchen renovation). 

What kind of services can I find?

All kinds of people join Timebank.cc with a wide variety of skills. If you don’t see an advertisement for what you’re looking for, you can make a request advertisement.

You can also search user profiles for specific keywords that relate to services you are looking for. Once you log in, click on ‘skills and profile’ under the ‘Quick Access’ section. For example, if you need a new logo for your business, search “graphic design” or “designer” and all users with those words in their profile will pop up.

You can also set up an Advertisement Alert (in the Search menu) so you will receive an alert as soon as an advertisement which responds to your interest is created by another user.

Can I go into debt or take out a loan?

It’s not possible to have a negative balance. You first have to earn an Hour before you can spend it.

Do I have any control over my privacy? Is my profile visible to everybody?

Timebank.cc values the protection of your privacy. When editing your profile you can choose to hide your email address to other users. Even if you choose not to hide your email address, we will never display it outside of our secure banking system. However, your username is visible to everyone, even outside the banking system.