Our Purpose volkskeuken 24102015

Volkskeuken sets up local pop-up restaurants to build a community based around food.

What We Do

Volkskeuken is a project by Lokaal Voedsel Den Haag, which will eventually become a separate entity. During the last few years, Lokaal Voedsel Den Haag has built a significant food network in The Hague. They offer, for instance, non-profit weekly markets hosted by Lekkernassûh, serving fruit and vegetables, run collectively by people in the community. All the produce is organic, and from local farms. In addition, Volkskeuken will transform the fresh vegetables into delicious dishes to share in pop-up restaurants and offer a product line. The product line consists of preserves (dried tomatoes, zucchini, etc.) and ready-to-eat products such as jams and soup. These delicatessen will be eventually included in the weekly vegetable packages of the fresh market. The products will also be offered separately. This way we hope to create the taste of sun all year long!

Why do we use Timebank?TB_system_logo

Volkskeuken accepts Timebank Hours. We think economical and social values can merge around the basic need for food. All the “profit”, by Timebank donations for example are going into a Transition Fund where all people who want to make The Hague a little friendlier can call upon.