Time: Re/Imagined at the Nutshuis

December 13, 2013 in Events, Newsletters, The Hague Events


On November 29th Timebank partnered with the Nutshuis, an independent platform for art, culture and society, to organize the first “Time: Re/Imagined”, featuring performances and mini-workshops of artists and entrepreneurs based in The Hague.

The location inside the historic office of the former Nutsbank had a very friendly and inviting atmosphere. The audience was composed by experienced and fresh Timebankers, beacame acquainted with the workshops that are offered within our time-based economy.

Artist Malou Cohen presented several adventurous artistic activities, including searching for hidden objects with a flashlight while exploring the premises of the Nutshuis, or inviting guests eavesdrop on conversations in the room while recording the interesting ideas on a notepad. The more timid visitors also had some amusing options,  such as coloring some of Malou’s drawings.

Zoe Bowie gave an original presentation on Contemporary Curatorship, explaining the different characteristics, kinds and profiles of curators (exhibition programmers), their relationships with artists, as well as the different variables one could consider when creating an art exhibition. Zoe surprisingly finalized her presentation with a song.

Writer and entrepreneur Bianca Bloom presented a very interesting mini-workshop about creation and co-creation processes. She explained the relevance of investigating the drive that leads to creation, and the process of taking distance from our backgrounds and convictions to enable the required connections with other people for co-creation to take place.

Vegan chef Kitty Hinkenkemper performed a workshop on vegan cooking and the extremely fulfilling experience of collecting ones own food, from mushrooms underneath bushes within The Hague to edible algae from Scheveningen. Together with singer Desiree de Rooij, Kitty also made an original music presentation using plastic cups and a hand mixer while preparing a delicious seaweed (collected by herself of course!), cashew nut, and pumpkin seed pesto. The audience had the delightful opportunity to taste!