What are projects?

Anyone can start a Project. You can represent an existing non-profit organisation, or start a new initiative only for Timebank. Just register and choose to set up a Project Account.

Getting donations for your project

Once you have registered you should find people that want to donate their time to your project. So why not simply ask our community? You can post advertisements on our platform, but if you want we can also create a special Project page for you.

How to donate to a project

1. Go to a project profile (like one of these “”)
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “view profile”
3. Scroll to the bottom of the profile to the section named “actions for project” and click “OK” next to “make payment”
4. Type in the number hours you would like to donate
5. Select either “Project Donation paid from your Work Account” or “Project Donation paid from your Gift Account”
6. Press OK.

About volunteer work

If your organisation already uses volunteers, please note that Timebanking is not for volunteer work. People should be paid in Hours for every hour they work. Therefore, we advise you to use to hire workers for tasks that your volunteers cannot help you with.

For example, let’s say you have a special event coming up and you need a photographer to document the event. None of your volunteers have a good camera or experience in photography. So you can use to find and pay a photographer in Hours. The photographer doesn’t do any work that would replace volunteer work. They are hired to provide a service that you would not otherwise be able to get.

Volunteer work is free. Hiring Timebankers requires a budget in Hours.