Timebank Transport Team

Our Purpose TTT-logo

Providing transport solutions to Timebankers within Amsterdam and The Hague.

About Us

If you have a transport need and have no-one who can who help you, maybe you could hire the Timebank Transport Team – Providing transport solutions to Timebankers within Amsterdam and The Hague. We provide:

  • New home removal services
  • Anti-squat removal services
  • Transportation of bulky items or large quantities of goods
  • Event transport services (exhibitions, parties, performances etc.)
  • Flash removal services (fast, urgent transportation with the aid of many hands)


How We Operate

The Timebank Transport Team is a transport and relocation collective and can only be hired by other TTT members. Any Timebanker, man or woman, can sign up to become a member. The only requirement is to work as a mover at least once a year. As soon as we get a moving request we will immediately check with all members of our collective for availability. TTT will then create a group of movers that can help moving on the desired day. TTT will try to make the transport as easy and reliable as possible. If someone agrees to work as a mover on a particular day but doesn’t show up and does not get in contact with us to explain their absence, they will be asked to leave the Transport Team. If a team member rejects all requests during a year they are also asked to leave the team. Transport Team members can place as many moving requests as they need.¬†


Our Price

Hiring the team for a transport or relocation will cost the total time that each mover has worked. The cost will paid in Timebank.cc Hours. Fuel and other expenses (e.g. trucks, helicopters) will be charged in Euro’s. Becoming a Timebank Transport Team member is completely free. Transportation means such as a van, trolleys and protection blankets can all be provided by TTT.


Why We Use TimebankTB_system_logo

Timebank is the perfect platform to cooperate with like-minded people on a 100% equal and transparent basis. It is ideal for non-profit moving teams!