YOUR TIME IS CURRENCY! is a Community Currency, accessible to everyone, to share skills and knowledge. Trade services with other Timebankers in exchange for time instead of conventional money. One Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work.

Do you want to tell others about your Timebank experience? Do you like going to local festivals and events? Would you like to earn some more Timebank hours?

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Lekkernassûh – The Hague
1,25 Hour – Food

From 7 February 2018, Hours can be used as a means of payment to buy food at the Lekkernassûh market. A fundamental base value is hereby added to the Timebank currency. Food is something everybody always needs, and now Timebank Hours can be used to buy structurally these essential products.

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Why join ?

Timebank exchanges are more useful than direct person-to-person trades: the time you first earned by helping Anna, you can later spend for Michael to help you.

Our biggest community of users lives in the region of The Hague (that’s where we started), but we’re also active in Brussels.

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